About Us

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Unlocking opportunities for Business and Society​

We're a community of innovators and problem solvers united by our purpose and values working together to to solve some of the most challenging problems and helping create the future of business and society.

CloudVitro Resources, LLC is a disabled Veteran owned business providing IT managed services and consulting services to companies across the US. We provide mission-critical IT managed services to transform business and government helping to navigate challenges and capitalize on the opportunities to drive greater performance, scale and competitiveness. We develop advanced solutions that transform and deepen the connection between business and customers, and government and citizens. Our breadth and depth of expertise delivers value for our clients and their customers across industries.

Our Purpose.

We believe in the power of technology. We use it to create the future that we want by unlocking opportunities for our clients, their customers and citizens always delivering beyond profits, and be the employer of choice.

Our People.

Passionate, ambitious, motivated people transforming businesses- delivering value to their customers, and governments- enhancing the lives of citizens.

What we believe in

Our values define who we are. Our values shape our culture and guide us in our actions and the choices we make in our engage with clients, our people, and our firm. These values form the foundation of our processes, systems, approach and governance ensuring quality, transparency, ethical behavior and accountability in everything we do.


We challenge our people, giving them the freedom and power to learn and grow. Bring your best self and a can-do attitude.


We work together on shared goals, not afraid to  share ideas. A collaborative environments is where innovation happens.


We do not give up! We approach life and work with persistence and tenacity, the effort required to keep complete our mission.


Building a sustainable business is simply good stewardship for continuity and meeting our obligations to our stakeholders.